Stand Up Paddleboarding Events You Can Bet On

Stand up paddleboarding has gained a lot of popularity recently. Like other sports, this new water sport is being included in major events. If you are into betting, you can bet on this exciting sport and win lots of money.

Suppose you read the Bitstarz review, then you would know how to bet on this sport. Here are the top stand-up paddle boarding events on which you can bet.

Pacific Paddle Games, Dana Point, California

This event is for the amateurs and the professionals. So, if you are into stand-up paddleboarding, then no matter what your expertise level is, you can participate in this event. The event is a test of your maneuverability, speed, and surf skills.

You need to complete two laps in Dana Point near Doheny Beach. You should have a good sense of wave to participate in this race. The race is about 6 miles. Huge prize money is offered to the winner.

Yukon River Quest, Alaska

The race takes place in the Yukon River of Alaska. The race stretches up to 444 miles and requires 50 hours of paddling. It takes 3 days and 2 nights to complete the race.

Due to the wild nature of the Yukon River, the participants have to attend a pre-race briefing so that they can stay safe during the race. The participants must take food, medical kits, tents, GPS trackers, and other essential things.

Paris SUP Open, France

It is one of the largest stand-up paddle boarding races around the world. Hundreds of participants join the race every year. It is a 10-m event that cuts through various famous landmarks in Paris.

You need to get properly trained to participate in these races. The races are very competitive, and the reward is also great. That’s why many people participate in these races.