How To Buy A Paddleboard

It is an amazing experience to go near the sea or lake and relax while doing stand-up paddleboarding. You need to have a good paddleboard to feel comfortable and confident. Before buying the paddleboard, you need to consider several factors. Here is a guide for buying a paddleboard.

Hull types

The performance of the paddleboard depends largely on the hull or body of the stand-up paddleboard. You need to choose either the planning hull or the displacement hull. You will find a hybrid design as well.

If you want to do stand-up paddleboarding just to spend your leisure time, then you should choose the planning hull. It is also good for yoga and surfing. A displacement hull has a pointed nose like a canoe. This type of paddleboard lets you go long distances at high speed. This paddleboard is perfect for races and fitness paddling.

Solid vs. Inflatable

The solid paddleboards have an EPS foam core wrapped with epoxy and fibreglass. This makes the board lightweight, affordable and durable. You can get plastic paddleboards, but they are heavy. Carbon fibre construction is a lighter option. If performance and stability are your priorities, then you should get a solid paddle board.

The inflatable paddleboards have PVC exteriors and an air core. You will get a pump with it to inflate the board and a storage bag as well. If you are travelling, have limited storage space, or want to paddle in white water, then this type of board is ideal for you.

Volume and weight capacity

The paddleboard you buy must be appropriate for your size. It must be able to displace the right amount of water for your weight. Otherwise, your board may feel unstable. The volume and weight capacity are found by the width, length, and thickness of the board.

Length of the paddleboard

The length is an important factor to consider. Longer boards are faster than shorter ones. However, the shorter boards are more maneuverable. Shorter boards are good for surfing, medium boards for yoga, and longboards for long-distance touring or races.

All these factors will help to choose the right paddleboard for you. You should consider your budget as well because these paddleboards are available in various price ranges.