Many people don’t have much idea about this new water sport, ‘stand-up paddleboarding’. If you are one of them, then you must read several books to get an idea about it. Here are some books we recommend.

Stand Up Paddleboarding: A Beginner’s Guide

By –  Simon Bassett

Stand up paddleboarding is a popular water sport today. The sport is easy to learn, and you don’t need any expensive equipment or gear for it. In this book, you will learn the basic techniques of stand-up paddleboarding so that you can get into the waters and try it out.

You will know about its history, the kind of board you need, and related things. You will also learn about the best places for this sport. Other topics include maintenance and safety tips, types of paddleboarding like yoga, touring, racing, surfing, and more.

Stand Up Paddleboard Racing For Beginners

By – HowExpert Press, Kayla Anderson

If you want to participate in stand-up paddleboarding, then you should read this book. It’s a great book for beginners, and you will learn everything about the race. You will find useful information and a training guide here.

This book will help you to train for the race. You will learn about the different types of water, where you can try it, how to find the right coach and buy the paddleboard, paddleboard training, safety tips, and more.

The Paddleboard Bible

By – David Price

This book is written by a certified stand-up paddleboard instructor. The books I well written and easily understood by the readers. It is a complete resource on stand-up paddleboarding. You will learn about maintenance and safety as well. You will know the basic stroke techniques.

These books will help you to understand the fundamentals of stand-up paddleboard techniques, strokes, balancing, and other things. You will know about paddleboarding races too.