Write For Us

Are you a good stand-up paddleboarder? If so, you can have a new career as a writer with us. We are looking for new writers to join our team. As this sport is quite new, many people don’t have much idea about it.

We want our readers to learn more about this sport. There is nothing more important than learning it from a pro. So, if you think you know enough about this sport, then apply for the position today.

We provide a good remuneration package to our writers. You can have extra income very conveniently as the job is flexible and you can work from a remote location as well. You need to meet certain deadlines and expectations all the time. The articles will be based on the niche and must be within 800 words.

You should choose interesting topics so that more readers read the articles. The heading must be short but attractive. We will give you guidance regarding the structure and format of the articles. We advise all our new writers to go through our published articles to get an idea about the standard of writing we expect from you.

After your article is published, we promote it on our social media. As we include the author bio at the end of the article, readers can learn about you and also be directed to your site. This will have a positive impact on your profile, and you can get better jobs in the future.

If you are interested in applying for this position, you need to send us your CV along with sample writing. If you have written for any magazine or blog before, then you can include the reference in your CV also. We want our readers to get first-hand knowledge about stand-up paddleboarding. If you think you can provide that, then contact us right away.